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- Picasso, voyages imaginaires, exposition à Marseille


- Exposition Botero and Picasso, Aix en Provence

2017/11/24 - 2018/03/11


- La foire aux santons, Marseille


- Bain de Noël en bas de la maison d’hôtes Terrasses sur la mer


- Vieux-Port de Marseille, 1946, photographie de Willy Ronis


- Musée des Docks Romains, Marseille


- View from Terrasses sur la mer


- Hiking in the Frioul archipelago

It is an integral part of the Calanques National Park where you can enjoy unrivalled views of it.The islands shelter over 99 species of sea birds, and over 300 rare and protected plant species. Pomègues island has a fish farm that breeds sea bass and bream, and it was one of the first in the world to obtain the organic fish farm label.

- Nuit européenne des musées à Marseille


- Euro Battle Pro au Théâtre Silvain


- Championnats d’Europe de voile à Marseille

Finn and windsurfing junior


- Joseph Inguimberty 1896-1971, au musée Regards de Provence

Until 2017/11/12

- Vieille Charité Arts Centre

A royal decree in 1640 ordered the construction of a General Hospital to care for the poor and beggars of Marseilles. The architect Piere Puget began work on it in 1670 but it was not completed until 1749. Puget designed here one of his finest architectural achievements. The chapel in the center of the building was inspired by the Roman baroque style, as can be seen in its oval cupola. The façade dates from the 19 th century and evokes the theme of Charity. The building was saved from destruction thanks to the efforts of Le Corbusier in the 1950s. The Vieille Charité today houses museum administrations, several museums, a bookshop and a tea room.

- Sailboats of the SNIM in front of the guest house Terrasses sur la mer

The regattas of the International Nautical Week of the Mediterranean took place from 14 to 17 April 2017 in the harbor of Marseille.
The sailboats sailed by squeezing the wind in front of the house. A nice show for all of us !


- Windsurf Mondial Cup, in Marseilles

From the 10th to the 16th of April 2017, for the first time, Marseilles welcomes a windsurfing world cup, with a W-shaped slalom in the back wind. This event brings together 80 professionals Accustomed to the best spots in the world to get the highest number of points in the world title race.
Races for the children of Marseilles and festive animations also punctuate this week of windsurfing in the city of Marseille.


- Maldormé beach, Malmousque, Marseille

Next to the guest house Terraces on the sea, the clear water of the Maldormé beach invites you to swim. At the beginning of April, on the pebbles of this small confidential beach, Marseille and a few tourists mingle. This is the time of the first sunburn for our guests !


- Hiking in Marseilles’ calanques, la Lèque

At the beginning of April the beautiful weather is already installed, the trees are in bloom, the fruits are formed, and the first baths of sun and sea are at our doors. Today we went to La Lèque, it is a large flat slab, flushing the sea, at the end of a mule track overlooking the calanques.


- Facing the islands

Here we are facing the islands. They extend the Pointe d’Endoume, Malmousque, to the open sea : the little Sugar Loaf, farther the Isle of If and its castle, and behind the horizon, the islands of Pomègues and Ratonneau, connected by the dike of the Duke of Berry. Three jumps and we’re there !


- Spring at Parc Valmer, on the Corniche

Next to our B&B is the Valmer Park full of flowers and with an amazing sea-view.


- "Une maison de verre", at the Cantini Museum

Works of visual artists, designers and architects.
From 17 March to 4 September 2017

- Hiking in Marseilles’ calanques, Devenson cliffs


The Calanques are bursting with fabulous flora and fauna. Over 9000 species of plants thrive here and rare species, such as Bonelli’s eagle, come here to breed.
A national Park is an exceptional area that’s open to everyone but is also everyone’s responsibility. It is therefore protected by specific rules e.g. you cannot light a fire, smoke or set up camp in the Calanques National Park.
Entry to the park is strictly controlled due to the risk of forest fires, especially between June and September.


- Kayak and hiking in Marseilles’ calanques, Riou archipelago

A site of absolute freedom and a total change of scenery in the heart of Marseilles, this fragile area is a victim of its growing popularity among tourists coming by land and by sea.
With over 2 million visitors per year, the site is one of the most visited places in France.

- Hiking in Marseilles’ calanques, Morgiou


In 2012 the Calanques Massif became a National Park.
This is the biggest peri-urban park in Europe and the only French national park that’s peri-urban, land and sea-based.

- Hiking in Marseilles’ calanques, Sormiou

calanque de Sormiou calanque de Sormiou


Over 97 % of the Massif des Calanques is located within the municipality of Marseilles, and it stretches for 24 kms as far as Cassis. With a total area of 5,000 hectares, it has been a listed site since 1975. The name Calanque comes from the Latin Calanca, meaning a rocky creek. In Provençal, a Cala is a steep slope.

- Hiking in Marseilles



In Marseilles, les Goudes, Callelongue, les Dentelles, Riou archipelago

You are still in the municipality of Marseilles, but you can see the contrast with the agitation of the city center.
For over 24 kms, nature recovers its rights and only a rambler can enjoy the landscape. The Calanques are worth the effort !

- Pierre Puget’s chinese living room, in Marseilles



- Street art, rue d’Endoume, in Marseilles

Jef Aerosol

- Apricot-trees, lemon-tree, orange-tree and flowers of Terrasses sur la mer garden



At the B&B, the fruits are served in the morning as homemade jams.


- Run in, marathon, half marathon and 10 km in Marseilles

View from our B&B. 13000 joggers

- Le Prophète beach, on the Corniche

In March

This sandy beach, near Terrasses sur la mer, is frequented at all hours of the day and night, in the morning by the regulars who come for a stroll and a chat, in the daytime by families and in the evening by young people who improvise unforgettable parties.

- Storm in Fausse Monnaie cove

Swell, 2017/03/04


- The little port down the street

Port de la Fausse-Monnaie

Hidden away under the Corniche, this little port offers strollers a thousand colourful details where traditional Mediterranean boats, fishermen’s huts and turquoise water compose an ideal postcard view.

- View form the upstairs terrace by night

The Corniche, Maïre island and Notre Dame de la Garde

- Tightrope walker in front of Marseilles’ Opera

Bravo !


- Biennal International Circus Art Festival in Marseilles


- Corniche Kennedy

Novel of Maylis de Kerangal and moovie of Dominique Carera

- Marseilles, sport capital 2017


- The Vieux-Port of Marseilles

In January


- Christmas bath


- Regatta in front of our B&B


- Marseilles’ colors


- The Dream, Cantini museum


- Mediterranean cruise, from Marseilles


- Festival Marseille, 5 continents Jazz

In July

- Porquerolles island, near Marseilles


- Avignon Festival, near Marseilles

A popular and contemporary artistic adventure. Founded in 1947 by Jean Vilar, the Avignon Festival is today one of the most important contemporary performing arts events in the world. Every year in July, Avignon becomes a city-theater, transforming its architectural heritage into various performance venues, majestic or surprising, welcoming tens of thousands of theater-lovers (over 130,000 admissions) of all ages.


- Théâtre Silvain

In the Vallon de la Fausse-Monnaie is the Silvain theater, opened in 1923, wich puts on open-air concerts and ballet performances.

- Charles Camoin (1878-1965), Granet museum in Aix-en-Provence

This is where everything began 2 600 years ago...
Legend has it that Marseille was born from the love affair between the Greek sailor Protis and the Ligurian princess Gyptis. Today, the Old Port is still the nerve centre of Marseille. Something is always happening here and the highlights of the city’s history took place here. The Old Port will be one of your key destinations on the visit to Marseille.

- Villa Méditerranée

The Villa Méditerranée, designed by Stefano Boeri, is entirely devoted to the various forms of expression of the Mediterranean Basin.

- Terrasses sur la mer



- Fausse Monnaie viaduct

During the construction of the viaduct, in 1861, workers are said to have discovered a quantity of counterfeit money when digging the foundations.

- The Corniche

Opened in the middle of the 19th century, the Corniche soon became a holiday attraction very popular with the people of Marseille who gradually discovered the pleasures of swimming in the sea.
Forming a stunning balcony over the Mediterranean more than 5 kilometres in lenght, the Corniche attracts strollers, fishermen and joggers or simply dreamers in quest of distant horizons.

- Marseilles History Museum and its garden of archeological remains

The Marseilles history museum offers to our guests the opportunity to review Marseille’s funding and its role in French and Mediterranean history. Next to the old harbor, the museum is exactly where archeological remains of an antique harbor have been excavated in 1967.

The exhibition is very modern and accessible with its digital screens and models. The museum is a treasure trove of more than 2 600 years of human history from prehistoric times with the Cosquer cave until now.

Open from Tuesday to Sunday 10h to 18h.

- The MuCEM is greatly appreciated by our guests

Among the most appreciated sites in Marseilles is the MuCEM : Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilizations.
The building itself is made of a concrete lace with the sea that plays hide and seek with the observer. It reminds the visitor of a fisher net drying with the wind.
The Museum Regard de Provence - Gaze at the South of France -, the FRAC, the Forts St Jean, the Tourette Church and the old harbor nearby are also worth your while if for nothing else than to visit the oldest part of town and to see amazing sights.
You can hike from our Bed and Breakfast : first along the sea, then the harbor and finally arrive in this old part of town.

- The Fort St Jean : lodgings of the Knights of Malta

On the harbor bank, the Roi René tower watches over Marseilles.
Our guests are always happy to show us the selfies made from the top of the tower with the old harbor, the St Victor Abbey, the Palais du Pharo or Notre Dame de la Garde in the background.

- If Castle : a famous stop for our guests

It is a fortification erected under François the 1st and is located on a small island in the middle of Marseilles’ bay.
It is there that the 23rd of January 1516 the Portuguese vessel bringing the famous Indian rhinoceros to Pope Leon X halted. This animal was first a gift from Guzarat King - from the Indian Kingdom - to Manuel 1st the Portuguese King who then gifted it to the pope.
Many inhabitants of Marseilles went to island to see the beast among them the French King François the 1st. After a few weeks the ship went on its journey that tragically ended in a shipwreck in the Gulf of Genoa. The Pope finally received the rhinoceros but stuffed after it was fished out.
Our guests always have a great time visiting the fictious cell of Edmond Dantes from the Comte de Monte Cristo.

- The secret beaches of Marseilles

The advantage of a Bed and Breakfast is the insider knowledge of the area.
There are small beaches all around the B&B on the Malmousque Bay. But since you are probably close to the If Castle, our guests often enjoy the boat ride all the way to the Frioul Islands.
A dike links the two Islands and was inaugurated in 1824 to service the quarantine hospital. Today it is used as a marina and where our hosts debark. If they hike on the left island, numerous small beaches are there for their enjoyment.

- Vallon des Auffes

This little fishing port offers strollers a thousand colourful details where traditional
Mediterranean “pointu” fishing boats, fishermen’s huts and turquoise water compose an ideal postcard view.
From pizzeria to Michelin star restaurants, including traditional restaurants serving
bouillabaisse, Vallon des Auffes is a recommended gastronomical centre.